Thanks to the cooling from beneath your fresh produce will be optimally preserved and
presented attractively. Better quality, less wastage and less labour.
With Coolplates you grasp the full benefits!

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More than 400 stores worldwide equipped with our coolplates

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Energy efficient and easy maintenance

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For small and large retail outlets

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'Better presentation and less waste of vegetables'

Kari Kainulainen

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Latest news

Products even longer Fresh at The Balloon Tree Farm Shop in the UK

Most of the fruit and vegetables are grown by the farm shop itself. They harvest the produce from the farm fresh every day! Because of the presentation of the products on the chilled plates it will stay fresh even longer. To make the presentation complete, they have opted for the reconstruction from recycled wood boxes.

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Chilled products by chilled marble

Since september of 2016 Coolplates and Schevenels Project Interieurs are working together for a project with a special result. The result of our cooperation is the fact that we made it possible to cool products with marble which is chilled by the Coolplates system. It’s one of the most stylish ways to cool your products. In both Brussel and The Hague the choice fell on this way of cooling the products

Innovation at Broeders Gezondheidswinkel

Since the end of 2012 Coolplates and Broeders Gezondheidswinkel managed to have a succesful relationship. This year Broeders Gezondheidswinkel restored their healthy shop. One of the new innovative choices was to accomodate the shop with a new style of the wooden chest. This new style of the wooden chest is like the standard wooden chest crafted by hand. In the act of renovating the shop Broeders Gezondheidswinkel desided to supply these new cases with new Coolplates.